Since 2009, the Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society has raised over $23,000 for charities in and around Pennsylvania and now we're expanding with the formation of received IRS approval for 501(c)(3) non-profit status (EIN 46-3406572) in November and allows us more opportunities to work with charitable organizations and open new avenues for collecting donations.

Moving into 2015, will be launching a new website, offering a Charter Membership package, and announcing the next charity that we'll be working with. Our fundraising efforts will begin with the Charter Membership program and continue in April at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, CA. plans to continue working with Lucasfilm to release approved Star Wars™ medallions and merchandise and looks forward to being able to accept other forms of donations. Our new non-profit status also opens doors to working with a larger range of charities and organizations.There are exciting things ahead for which will be announced over the coming months.

Previous Medallion Fundraisers